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The best color contact lenses for dark eyes
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The best color contact lenses for dark eyes

Views: 60     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-06-22      Origin: Site

For Asians, the most suitable for us and the highest rate of use are mainly black and brown color contact lenses. Some black diameters that are too large will look a bit weird, so if you choose black, you can choose the diameter that is suitable for Asia. For example: 14cm, 13.8cm, 14.2cm are more suitable. Just like makeup, the hair color and eyebrow color are the same, so the color contact lens is the same. The color contact lenses that is closer to the hair color will also look a little more harmonious and comfortable and natural. If you have a yellowish complexion, choose black, chocolate, or brown contact lenses. Black hair prefers black-brown contact lenses. For yellow hair, choose light brown, gray, mixed brown, blue, and purple. If you are a novice, it is recommended to choose a color with low saturation. Brown is the most natural and error-free choice. In addition, the color of the inner ring is lighter than the outer ring, which will brighten the eyes. Of course, it mainly depends on your own preferences. If your skin is very white, you will not look ugly in any color. Color contact lenses increase the diameter of your eyes, and what you wear will make your eyes look better. Black is the most versatile color. No matter how you dress, it goes well. Blue and green are cute, lively, playful, and cat-like. If you make up more spooky, purple is natural and generous. Of course, purple should be whiter and look better.

Today, I would like to recommend a few hot color contact lenses for you .

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