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Prosthetic Contact Lenses
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Prosthetic Contact Lenses

This contact lenses is YEARLY USE.
  • 14.2 mm
  • 8.8 mm
  • 0.1 mm
  • -0.00
  • 40%
  • 12 months (after opened)
  • 1 pair contact lens (2pcs)

What is prosthetic contact lens:Beauty lenses, also known as cosmetic contact lenses. Cosmetic contact lenses are divided into two types of vision and no vision in lens design, and there are dark, light brown and all black in color design. this type is no vision in lens dedign.

Usage:Those who have imperfect eyes can be modified by some surgeries and beautification products. Among so many corrective products, TCM cosmetic tablets are the most commonly used products.

Normal Brown


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1.Avoid exposure to water when wearing and caring for your contact lenses.

2. Discard any remaining solution in your lens case before re-disinfecting. Always use fresh solution.

3. Rinse lens case and caps with fresh solution after each use; dry upside down on a clean towel. Do not use non-sterile water to rinse lens case.

4. Always wash your hands and then dry with a clean, lint-free towel before handling lenses.

5. Keep bottle tightly closed when not in use.

6. Replace your lens case every 1–3 months.

7. Store at room temperature.

8. Use before the expiration date marked on the bottle and carton.

9. Never use with a heat disinfection unit.

10. Keep out of the reach of children.