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How to wear contact lenses correctly?
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How to wear contact lenses correctly?

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At present, there are many mistakes in the use of contact lenses. Although it is very important to choose an optician shop, correct wearing and nursing can not be ignored. The following xiaobian hand figure to teach you how to wear contact lenses correctly!

1. Be sure to wash your hands before wearing and taking off contact lenses. Dry your hands with a dryer or a dry towel after washing.

2. How to distinguish positive and negative (Figure 1, Figure 2), another way is to put in the palm of the hand to pinch, such as pinch the opening inward is positive, outward is negative.

3. Place the contact lens on the index finger (FIG. 3) and keep the index finger dry before placing it.

4. Look at the front (such as blinking can also look down), will not take the lens of the hand with the middle finger and ring finger pressure on the upper eyelid, there are lenses of the index finger hold the lens, middle finger pull the lower eyelid, the lens gently into. Note that placing your fingers on your eyelashes and opening your eyes can help prevent blinking. (FIG. 4, FIG. 5)

5. After putting on your contact lenses, close your eyes and gently rub your eyelids with your fingers to make sure the lenses don't fall off when you open your eyes. (Figure 6, Figure 7)

6. How to remove contact lenses.

7. Be sure to wash your hands before wearing and taking off. Look up and gently move the lens down to avoid damage to the pupil. (Figure 8, Figure 9)

8. The same way to open the eyes, with finger and middle finger pinch the lens to remove it. (Figure 10, Figure11)